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Siven Pillay is a hands-on pro-active chef, who thrives in challenging unconventional surroundings and situations. He has the ability to adapt easily to various English and non-English speaking cultures.

Siven is accredited and registered by CATHSSETA and ETDP SETA. He has 23 years of international experience/knowledge brought to your kitchen and chef. “I am here to teach /share the skills to manage and maintain a safe profitable and productive kitchen.”

Cape Town hospitality School is a fully accredited hospitality school (CATHSSETA) .We offer the national certificate qualification of Professional cookery NQF level 4(SAQA code 14111) which is a one year course ,part class room theory , practical kitchen training and part industry placement , we would place the learners in the industry. As mentioned, our facilitators and assessor are highly experienced chefs. This qualification will provide the learner with the necessary skill to work as a chef in any professional kitchen around the world.

We are accredited to do short term skills program (CATHSSETA accredited), Assistant chef skills program, kitchen cleaners and table attendants. This is for entry level learners. we solely concentrate on professional food preparation. We are chefs, providing support and skills for future chefs…

We also accredited by SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety authority) to provide skills development and international certification for people who wish to work offshore in the maritime community anywhere in the world(commercial maritime industry). This course how ever does provide the learner with a different skill set , if the learner does not want to enter the industry (hotels and restaurants) but instead wants to start a small business in events , catering or banqueting , this type of food preparation will be of greater benefit.

CATHSSETA reg number 613/A/003225/2015 … ETDP SETA reg number API438230

The national assessor licence is recognised and acknowledged by Cathseta, Ahlei and City and Guilds. Our experience ranges from Africa to Europe.

Siven Pillay also successfully completed his ETDP course and is certified.


This SETA is mandated to promote and facilitate the delivery of education, training and development in order to enhance the skills profile of the Education, Training and Development (ETD) sector in order to benefit the employers , workers and employees in the sector.

ETDP SETA maintains, the promotion, facilitation and development of the education, training and development sector in which:
1. The skill levels of employees and workers are raised,

2. There is a healthy balance between supply and demand in the labour market,

3. There are diverse, flexible routes for initial and in-service education and training,

4. The quality of education and training provision is improved,

5. There is regular liaison with providers, other SETAs, the Department of Labour, the Department of Education, the national Skills Authority (NSA) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and its structures,

6. Internal and external communication is effective in order to advance national human resource and skills development,

7. Dialogue and interaction between public and private entities in the sector with regard to skills transfer and training delivery is encouraged

8. Employers, workers and employees in the sector benefit from quality training, higher productivity and harmonious mutual dependencies.