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Cape Town Hospitality School is private school run by a seasoned chef, Chef Siven Pillay has been a chef for 24 years and has honed his skills in the U.K., Europe, East Africa, South Africa, on land and at sea.

Chef Siven is a professional member of the S.A. chefs Association and the South African Culinary and hospitality educator’s forum.

Chef Skills Development Staff Members

Chef Sivan Naidoo(left) and Chef Siven Pillay(right)

Cape Town Hospitality School (CTHS) is an accredited skills provider for CATHSSETA, Highfield International (U.K) and the South African Maritime Authority (SAMSA). CTHS is also registered with FEDHASA as a hospitality skills training provider.

Chef Skills Development Chef Shana Faes

Chef Shana Faes

Chef Siven Pillay is registered with ETDPSETA and CATHSSETA as an assessor and moderator. CATHSSETA reg number 613/A/003225/2015 … ETDP SETA reg number API438230

Together with Chef Sivan Naidoo and Chef Shana Faes this team of experienced and highly skilled chefs mould young chefs to reach their true potential in the hospitality industry. This team of seasoned chefs experience ranges from 5-star hotels to running 3–5-star kitchens around the world and private intimate events and dinner parties for an elite foreign clientele. Each of these facilitators have over 24 years’ experience in professional kitchens.

Their skills have been honed in various countries like U.S.A. China, U.K. (London), Belgium, Tanzania and of course South Africa…. Their experience is in fine dine a la carte, conferencing/banqueting and pastry (confectionery) …

The SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety authority) efficient cooks course provides skills and international certification for people who wish to work offshore in the maritime community anywhere in the world (commercial maritime industry). This course how ever does provide the learner with a different skill set, if the learner does not want to enter the industry (hotels and restaurants) but instead wants to start a small business in events, catering or banqueting, this type of food preparation will be of greater benefit.

“We are committed to transferring the skills we’ve learnt over the years , to the next generation of chefs, we are all committed to giving back to the industry! “

Chef Siven is a hands-on pro-active chef, who thrives in challenging unconventional surroundings and situations. He can adapt easily to various English and non-English speaking cultures.

We are chefs, providing support and skills for future chefs…