SAMSA Efficient Cooks Course

Cape Town Hospitality School offers a SAMSA accredited “Efficient cooks course”. This cooks course is aligned to the ILO(Geneva) and MSN1845(M). This certifies a cook to be employed by foreign companies/vessels in international waters.
Alongside this maritime efficient cooks course we offer a more specialized course on nutritional cooking.

This course is an in depth looks and understanding of how to identify, understand and cook for chronic illness and food allergies. This course content will allow a cook/chef to be able to cater/cook in consideration of cultural, religious and nutritional barriers.
We analyse the cause and core issues in the more commonly found chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, anaemia and high cholesterol, as well as food allergies/intolerances such as wheat, yeast and diary. We discuss the conversion of sugar’s from raw to cooked ingredients, food preparation methods, glycaemic loads, nutritional comparison between canned and raw foods, natural anti-oxidants etc.
The purpose of this course is not to teach learners how to cook but to give the already taught cooks the knowledge to cook efficiently and nutritionally.

We will teach cooks to not only cook nutritional meals, but to identify the ingredients necessary to cater for each illness or allergy from the point of purchase/supply, thus reducing unnecessary expenditure on ingredients and keeping purchases within budget.

We here at the Cape Town Hospitality School are teaching our learners more than just how to be a cook at sea. We equip our cooks with the tools to enable them to make the transition from a cook at sea into the mainstream land based chef community. We teach these new generation of cooks not only to understand the basic principles of professional food preparation(how to cook without using artificial flavourings etc.) , but to also find solutions to unforeseen problems in the galley , and many more tools to ensure they can prepare tasty nutritious meals for their crew.