To whom it may concern

Personal reference in respect of Siven Pillay.

Siven has worked for me three times a year for a month at a time for the past five years when i have been on holiday in Cape Town.

I have found him to be scrupulously honest. He is a talented, innovative chef, enthusiastic, has initiative and is willing to try new recipes. He also does all the grocery shopping and takes great trouble to find unusual ingredients.

He is calm and reassuring to have in the kitchen.

Yours Faithfully

Lady Sarah Aspinall

To whom it may concern

Siven Pillay has worked for me as a Chef for the last two weeks in Cape Town, he as been honest, reliable and flexible in dealing with parties large and small. He is enthusiastic and a very good cook and i would definitely employ him in the future.

Mrs Anthony Oppenheimer

To Whom it may concern

Saffron is an exclusive up market restaurant that caters for the corporate clientele of Dar es Salaam bustling business district. The clientele includes local Tanzania business executives as well as expatriates from various African and European countries.

Mr. Siven has been involved in Saffron from the conceptual stage through to implementation stage. He has been employed here since May 2007 as Executive Head Chef / Restaurant Manager.

His duties and responsibilities were:

  • Kitchen setup and design
  • Menu planning and costing
  • Staff training both front house and kitchen staff
  • Liaising with clientele
  • Staff recruitment and budgeting

Mr. Siven has been my right hand man throughout these 3 years and through all the teething problems of getting the restaurant off the ground.Not having any experience as a restaurant owner and manager, I relied on him for all day to day running of the restaurant.

Siven is a highly accomplished Chef. In the years he worked for us, he planned menus, superbly supervised preparation and serving of the meals so that the Restaurant has quickly gained reputation as one of the best in Dar es Salaam.

Siven is leaving because he wants to go back home, and I wish him all the best.

Walter Bgoya
Managing Director

To whom it may concern

Siven was employed at the above branch of the Davys Wine Bars for the period of ten months. St James’s is an extremely busy Wine Bar restaurant with a very high class of clientele and standards. Siven is hard working and dedicated, his role was classed here as one of the management team. Whilst employed here his duties were to manage the kitchen completely, this took him through stock rotation, devising and costing new menus, hitting each set targeted %G.P, and the management of staff working under him. Siven is a true professional in his field and would be great asset to any company.

Myself and staff wish him every success in the future.

To Whom it may concern

I spent two months in Cape Town from January 28th – March 28th, 2003. While I was there I was receiving treatment at the Constantia Medi-Clinic.

I was introduced to Mr. Pillay two days after my arrival at Constatiaberg Villas and for the entire period I was there, he was my Chef. He prepared for me the most exquisite meals and did the shopping as well. On several occasions, he prepared meals – three to four courses – for lunch and dinner parties and on every occasion the guests and myself were very happy with the food.

Due to the treatment I was undergoing there were dietary restrictions that I had to observe and Mr. Pillay understood them very well and integrated them fully in the preparation of the dishes.

I can not recommend Mr. Pillay highly enough as a accomplished and versatile Chef and as a very pleasant, confident and friendly person.

I wish him a lot of success.

Walter Bgoya
Managing Director


To whom it may concern.

Reference for Siven Pillay.

This letter is to confirm that Siven was employed at Fork restaurant, 84 Long Street, Cape Town, from October 1st 2014 to 31st December 2014 as a consultant.

During his time at Fork, Siven helped with training up my head chef in understand costs, hygiene and general controls in the kitchen.

I would not hesitate to re-employ Siven again.

If you have any further questions, please contact me on tapas@fork-restaurants.co.za

Kind regards,

Ed Saunders